Apple introduced their first iPad in 2010, when Apple introduced iPad they didn’t know their iPad will become very popular, even some other companies who is now their competitors launched different types of tablets but no one compete iPad. IPad and tablet looks same but apple’s tablet is known iPad. Apple always does something unique that’s why they used name iPad instead of tablet. There are many qualities in an iPad. They are light in weight, powerful hardware as well as powerful processor, powerful RAM, long battery life, instead of these qualities some hidden qualities are also present in iPad, which we can enjoy by using them. Now iPad is widely using in business events, school events, college events, promotional events, award events etc. we moved to iPad because it saves our lot of time. IPad is very fast to operate our said task. It saves our lot of paper work. Everything has some benefits as well as some drawback. This same thing is with iPad. IPad has also some benefits and also some drawbacks. One major drawback is its cost. An iPad is expensive, its price is round about $700 to $800 and every one can’t afford this huge amount. For this purpose some Tablet rentals companies also present who offer latest iPad at rent. Now everyone can access latest iPad and enjoy their unique benefits. Professionals and event manager’s life is nothing without iPad. They use iPad in trade shows and other business events.

Here are some of the ways where event managers and professional outfits can get benefit from these services during trade shows and other events:


Product demos and illustrations:

We know today there is a great and heavy competition in every field. Every company wants to compete their competitors. For this purpose they use iPad for their product promotion. They use iPad for their product demos. They using tablets or iPad for illustrating the features of latest applications, products, and services is the latest strategy for promoting different services to the tech enthusiast people, due to this people attract and they can easily promote their products.

IPad powered presentations:

if we went back people used whiteboard with marker to present their ideas in presentations, after this laptop used for this purpose with the help of projectors but now iPad is widely using for this purpose. We moved to iPad from laptop because it is very light in weight. It is very easy to carry from one place to another. If we talk about a laptop we needed to carry heavy charger and bag with them while took laptop for presentations but in an iPad case there is no issue with charging, even a single USB can charge an iPad.


Polls and voting:

The problem related to vote casting always remains in dispute, to overcome this problem professional move to iPad for polling and vote casting. The benefit of using iPad in voting was that with the help of iPad we casted maximum vote and removed every negligence with reference to voting. It minimizes lot of voter’s time as well as polling agent’s time. IPad became possible fair elections. One more major benefit was that foreigners also able to cast vote. This is all done due to iPad.


Touch displays in conferences and trade shows using stands and other accessories:

We know touch displays use in conferences but can’t use in trades hows because thousands of delegates present in trade shows and show off their product for their promotions, due to this every guest who is attending trade show need some display equipment like iPad or tablet to see your product easily, but the problem is that no one can hold iPad for long period so some iPad stands are necessary for these events. We said above the cost of an iPad is high and it is almost impossible for every businessman to arrange iPad for every guest, so the best and suitable option is to choose the best iPad hire company and hire huge amount of iPad at rent.


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Naila Kanwal is a marketing manager at Tablet Hire serves as the Europe’s leading iPad rental company. The Tablet Hire group has several ventures for its clients spread all over the Europe, Asia, and Gulf. Having the largest inventory of tablet devices and a number of support accessories and services we have successfully transformed hundreds of events.


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